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SONG PA, SEOUL & WA, USA | Business Email : yujinangelhwang@gmail.com


Professional Summary


Gained 20 years professional experience of a creative, executive director, graphic designer

and an owner at SDS.COM; a company for design management project(s). Extensive experience in advertising, CIP(Corporation Identity Plan), company profile movie and merge programs.  As a creative director: designing and organizing activities consistent with company goals and mission. Spent 10 years professional experience

as a health nutrition writer, author, columnist, and owner of a Personal Care Product Company

based on plant enzymes as well as an extensive knowledge of food photographic development while

managing an herb and vegetable garden through experimental laboratory research.


  Education and Training


- MBA, Business Administration (Major, Marketing) 2000
  Sook-Myung Women's University - Seoul, Korea
  Website/ Sook Myung Women's University

- 2nd Bachelor of Arts, Communication(Major, Journalism) 2006
  University of Maryland University College - Adelphi, Maryland , USA
  Website/ University of Maryland University College

-Bachelor of Arts, Industrial Design(Major, Graphic Design) 1985
  Seoul National University of Science & Technology - Seoul, Korea



- CNC, Certificated Nutritional Consultant by written examination   2016                              
  American Association of Nutritional Consultants- Warsaw, IN, USA

- Certificate, TV Personality 2010
  John Casablancas Model Academy - Nashville, TN, USA
  Website/ JoneCasabranca Model Academy

- Certificate, Teaching Korean Language for English Users 2006
  Seoul National University Seoul National University - Seoul, Seoul, Korea
  Website/ SNU( Seoul National University )

- Practicing Power Yoga Since 1985 to  Present

 Trained Yoga at Mountains of  Yang-Pyung Fast and Breathing Exercise(1985~1987)




       CNC and Author, Writer, Owner, Blogger, Educator, Photographer.

          (Marketing, Design Management, Art and Creative Director, Nutritional Consultant).    

Yujin's Organic Life - Union, WA (Blogger, 2007 ~)

Yujin’s Organic Yoga- Union, WA (Founder, 2016~ )

SDS.COM- Seoul, Korea (Owner, 1990  to  Current)


            Contributor, Reporter                                                                                          

Magazine, QUEEN - Seoul, Korea (Mar 2012 to  Current)
Cooperated with other health-related agencies and organizations in community activities.

      Korea Daily - Los Angeles, CA(Jun 2014 to  Current)  Provided of public food information and healthy Recipes

      Monthly Magazine  - New York, NJ(May 2015 to  Current) Healthy food information

       Selected as 12 Superior Food Bloggers in The U.S. & Korea by POM Wonderful Company- 2010, California,          USA


-         SDS.COM Inc (Founder) - Seoul, Korea(Jan 1993 to  Current)

B to B Business: Company Design management, Manufacturing, Projects Supervised.

Team Building, Executive Director for Projects.

Start-up IT Business Development, Supported by Seoul City Korea.
Project Partner-Ship with Clients, such as Samsung, Hallmark Inc, GSI, LG.


-         Magazine Editor and Graphic designer(Jan 1990 to Jan 1993)                                             

      Bayle Pet Co - Seoul, Korea Assisted in the design and execution of programs.
      Cooperated with other health-related agencies and organizations in community activities.


-         Surveys, Marketing Researcher(Jan 1986 to Jan 1990) Seoul Milk Corporation - Seoul, Korea

        Marketing, Advertising, Worked with state clients and stakeholders to shape procurements and identify          opportunities for value-added services. Closely monitored competitor activity, legislative and regulatory

        initiatives and agency concerns, contracts, and developed strategies to respond.


-      Principal of Professor Apartment Montessori Art Kindergarten School (1984~1986) Seoul Korea

      Planning Curriculum, Management and Teaching of the Montessori Children's Art Academy

      Number of enrolled students:  50 preschool children and 50 elementary School Students





-      Executive & Creative Director of  KOSDAQ IT Company- New Brand Launching,

 CIP(Cooperation Identity Program), website design, company movie, and advertising. 

-      Developed 100 Hallmark Cards included Wedding, Calendar and B TO B Projects.

-      Designed more than 200 book covers, 100 projects of editorial- publishing designs.

-      A boomer of the worldwide organic lifestyle

-      Developing & researching of 50 Scientific Raw fermented Fruit Enzymes for

More than 1,000 of Healthy Cook included 100 healthy Kim-chi recipes,

50 salad and 50 Paleo Diet, Practical Paleo, Paleo Cure recipes.

-      Developing & manufacturing 30 of handmade organic personal care products base

on natural ingredients.

-      Cultivated three new garden designs in the United States( 2 Acres)

-      Created and writing 100 food kitchen dictionaries on Researched and Managed in the Lab.


Volunteer Experience

      - Rotary Club of Northern California

      - Sunday Garden of Supporting Cancer Patients (2013)

      - English Guide Membership of Korean National Tourism Organization (2002).


Professional Affiliations

Professional Member of American Association of Nutritional Consultants (2015~ ).

GOODWILL Membership of Korean National Tourism Organization (2002) .



No Sugar, Yes Enzyme(설탕말고 효소)’

ISBN 979-11-87292-15-9(Korean)

2016, Booklog Company(북로그컴퍼니)

Yujin's Organic Kitchen Table  (오가닉 식탁)’
 ISBN 978-89-93968-51-4(Korean)
2011, Chosun Media

Study of Design Management Strategy of the Corporation in The Digital Times

2000, The National Assembly Library of the Republic of Korea



- Certificate of Appreciation for more than 5 Years Column Contribution

  By Magazine Plus Inc.(June 2016).

      - Korean Golden Pen Reporter(2009), Superior Blogger (2010~ 2015).     

       By Kakao Corp

     - Certificate of Appreciation for Partnership of Hallmark Business

       By AEKYUNG INC HM Business Division (2001).


Skill Highlights

 - Marketing, PR, Art and Creative Director, Advertising Commercial Copyrighter.

-  Graphic design, Journalist, Modeling, Brand launching, Building Website,

-  Created Annual goals, objectives, and budget and made recommendations to reduce costs.

Entrepreneur Spirit, Expertly Planned, Coordinated, Directed Operations.

         - Photography, Product AD Movie Director, Producer.

        -  Research and Food Lab, Developing Healthy Food.

-  Public Educator for Practical Nutrition Science.

-  Personal and Professional Integrity and Critical Thinking Proficiency.

-  Educate in Nutrition and Dietetics.

-  Researching & Developing Anti- Aging Natural Personal Care Products.
-  Knowledge of Color Theory, Design and Managing Organic Herb and Vegetable garden.

- Food Ferment Lab. Skills, Antioxidant Therapy, PH Test, Paleo Theory.

- Understanding Korea- Based Industrial or IT Business.

- Study Korean Traditional medical

   Encyclopedia and  Compendium of Materia Medical( Bencao Gangmu or Pen-tsao Kang-mu).



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I certify the information I have provided in this application is true and accurate and recognize

any false or incorrect statements made herein will be grounds for my dismissal from the program.

I understand that participation in dietetic rotations requires compliance with site specific

onboarding processes including but not limited to IT training, proof of Immunization,

drug testing, additional background checks, etc.




My Web Contacts Info.

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Talking about me (Yujin Hwang) By Other Food Blogger  

Yujin Hwang at POM Wonderful Company, CA, USA (2010)

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at the Front Porch in My home, WA, USA (Dec, 2017)

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